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Thoughts and reflections on exhibitions, conferences and events


As a visitor to this website you will be offered in a planned ad-hoc way the latest, interesting and new (or perhaps not so new but newly presented) information, thoughts and reflections on topics, activities and developments related to exhibitions, conferences and events.

I am not interested in adding to the existing and excessive flood of information or “selling old wine in new bottles”. I want rather to pick up on topics which I think are particularly important in relation to this exciting and challenging sector, and not just during this time of COVID 19.

There are plenty of issues which are impacting our sector; many are overhyped, rejected, watered down or pushed into oblivion – whether they deserve it or not. Many should perhaps be taken more seriously but don’t attract enough champions and therefore gain less attention.

It is my ambition to use this page to change this. Allow yourself be surprised. And of course I look forward to receiving your feedback, either via the online contact form on this website or directly via my contact details.

July 2020 | Udo Weller 


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