Analysis and Surveys

Where a critical glimpse “behind the scenes” of a branch or target group, where results and answers, which will help progress your projects, are needed, we can undertake the market research for you. This includes creating interview scripts, identifying and agreeing target groups, carrying out interviews with exhibitors, visitors and multipliers and finally producing an analysis of the current state of affairs


To enable you make the most of your existing exhibitors, conferences and events and adapt your events to ever changing market conditions, we will analyse the current state of your event, find answers and develop a package of measures, which we will be pleased to help you implement.

Developing Existing Events

Whether you are developing a stand-alone exhibition from an event that previously accompanied a conference, expanding the topic areas of an event or venturing into co-operation with other events, we can analyse the potential and develop strategies for you.

Digital – Hybrid – Remote – Virtual

Are you looking to improve or replace an existing event by going online? Do you perhaps have more questions than answers after your initial research or attempts to make the leap? We can help you work out what format is best for your event, what tools to use and how best to proceed with the planning and implementation of your event.

International Strategy

The world market offers development potential for both “flagship exhibitions” and smaller specialist events. We will find out what opportunities there are for your events, where they have the best chance of success and which partners you should be working with.

New Concepts

If you have an idea for a new event or topic area, we can undertake a feasibility study and verify its potential. If there is a realistic chance of success, we will develop an implementation plan – whether it’s for an efficient, focussed trade fair, a tailored sector event or a fully new event concept as the key to more success for you and your customers. Last but not least we can support your market entry and future development.

Sustainability and Efficiency, Social Responsibility

Regarded for a long time only as buzzwords or isolated tasks within an overall project spec, these are increasingly becoming critical and key factors for business success and therefore also decisions about whether to attend events – either as an exhibitor or visitor. Whether yours is an existing or a new event, we will work alongside you as you analyse the current market situation, select partners, as well as plan and take the necessary steps towards ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Training and Coaching

We devise tailored training plans to support you and your teams to develop successful and future oriented events.

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